February 26, 2024

During the pandemic, many companies promoted their work-from-home (WFH) policies to attract talent, but essential workers had to continue working in person. Now, as life returns to pre-Covid normalcy, companies are struggling to bring employees back to the office. Many employees are resisting returning, leading to decreased engagement, productivity, and trust within organizations. Despite the benefits of remote work, the author argues that successful businesses are built on in-person interactions and collaboration. However, he acknowledges that organizations are now more flexible and willing to offer hybrid work options. He emphasizes the need for mutual trust between employers and employees and warns of potential unconscious biases against those who choose to work remotely. The message is that while remote work offers flexibility, returning to the workplace is crucial to building a vibrant and successful organization. The article was written by the managing director of EMA Partners and was published on www.economictimes.com.

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