February 26, 2024

In 2023, UFOs became a prominent news topic due to multiple incidents, including a Chinese balloon being shot down and a former intelligence officer’s claims of a long-standing U.S. program to reverse-engineer “non-human” technology. Additionally, Canada is set to release a public report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in 2024, aiming to improve how UAP reports are handled. The Pentagon’s UAP research office expects a new director and will release an annual report required by Congress, aiming to analyze UAP cases objectively. Efforts continue in the U.S. to force government disclosure on UAPs to increase transparency. Scientific interest in UAPs is growing, with more people feeling comfortable sharing their experiences and a higher number of scientific studies being published. However, it is uncertain if Congress will continue to push the issue. While public interest in UAPs may remain high in 2024, the number of reported sightings is not expected to change much from 2023. The future may bring new government hearings, academic conferences, independent investigations, and pop culture influencers continuing to drive public interest in the subject. Overall, 2024 could be another significant year for the mysterious topic of UAPs and UFOs. If you have any unusual documents or observations regarding UAPs, you can email CTVNews.ca Writer Daniel Otis.

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