February 29, 2024

Former President Donald Trump warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, calling it “very dangerous” for the United States. He made this warning after AI-generated photos of him on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane were shared on a social media platform. Trump claimed he never visited Epstein’s “stupid” island and expressed concern about the potential threats of AI to the country. Actor Mark Ruffalo shared the photos but later admitted they were fake while still insinuating Trump’s links to Epstein. Unsealed documents linked 180 people, including Trump, to Epstein, but a witness in a 2016 deposition stated she never saw Trump at Epstein’s properties. A majority of 2,700 AI researchers expressed concerns about AI becoming smarter than humans and causing an extinction-level event. They also noted that within the next decade, AI programs could complete the majority of tasks, from writing music to installing wiring in homes. Trump’s remarks reflect growing concerns about the potential harm that AI could pose to society, including its potential impact on politics and information sharing.

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