February 26, 2024

The Go Nagai Wonderland Museum in Ishikawa Prefecture was destroyed by a fire following the recent earthquake, as reported by Devilman creator Go Nagai and his studio, Dynamic Production. The museum’s location in Wajima City is significant as it is Nagai’s birthplace. Nagai and his team expressed concern for the safety of the citizens of Wajima and emphasized their focus on helping those affected by the earthquake. There is still no definitive information on the total damages to the museum. Nagai, known for creating the Devilman manga series, Cutie Honey, and Mazinger Z, is also credited with creating the super robot genre. His series Devilman Crybaby was a successful original on Netflix. The focus remains on assisting those affected in Wajima City, and more information on the museum’s damages will be provided as it becomes available.

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