February 26, 2024

The City of Moberly in Missouri has been dealing with an odor caused by animal fat and a drought, which has resulted in warnings from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The fat is coming from a nearby meat-processing facility, with tests confirming it as animal fat. The drought has contributed to sewage not being diluted in the city’s wastewater-holding basin. The facility, Swift Prepared Foods, a subsidiary of JBS USA, has violated permits and is working with the city to address the issue. Moberly is working on a project to remove the animal fat and grease from the waste basin, including rerouting lines and using aerators to reduce the odor. The city has spent over $100,000 on cleaning its lines and other costs associated with the project and is working with litigators to cover the project’s expense. The city hopes to have the line rerouted within three months and the odor reduced by early spring, prioritizing the health and welfare of its residents.

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