February 29, 2024

At a news conference in Nashville’s RCA Studio A, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced new legislation to protect songwriters, performers, and others in the music industry from the potential threats of artificial intelligence (AI). The legislation, which has not been formally introduced in the legislature, would make Tennessee the first state in the country to safeguard artists’ voices from unauthorized use by AI tools. The move draws from the state’s existing laws, which protect the name and likeness of public figures. Furthermore, it aims to ensure that AI tools do not replicate an artist’s voice or music without their consent, preventing the unauthorized use of their creative works. As AI technology advances, artists are increasingly concerned about tools that can generate music or other content using their voice or work without their permission. Similar legislation is expected to be introduced in other states, as well as at the federal level. The U.S. Copyright Office is considering copyright reforms in response to generative AI, and U.S. senators have proposed legislation to combat AI deepfakes and other digital impersonations. The proposed legislation in Tennessee and at the federal level aims to address the artist’s concerns related to the use of AI in creating content without their permission.

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