February 29, 2024

The Hampshire Avon, which runs through Britford near Salisbury, has experienced the wettest 12 months on record. Many residents have experienced significant flooding, leading some to leave their homes and close roads in the area. The Environment Agency reports that the river has already received about 60% of the typical rainfall for January. The community in Britford has pulled together to support each other, with numerous homes and a road still affected by the flooding. Residents have expressed concern about the blockage of one of the river channels and call for measures such as river bank restoration, clearing channels of weeds, and dredging. While the Environment Agency has engaged with the community and provided support, it emphasizes that the responsibility for watercourse maintenance lies with the landowners. As a result, the flood risk remains in some areas as water from recent rainfall continues to flow through the river courses. Despite the challenges, the community spirit in Britford has been strong, with residents banding together to support each other during this unusual and severe flooding event.

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