February 29, 2024

Some members of Congress will receive a classified briefing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) with the expectation that it will lead to increased government transparency. The House Oversight Committee will be briefed by Thomas A. Monheim, the inspector general of the intelligence community, following a surge in UAP interest. Lawmakers are hoping to learn more about the government’s knowledge of UAPs, with concerns raised by Air Force veteran David Grusch, who brought his concerns, including classified information, to the inspector general. The briefing follows bipartisan efforts of Rep. Robert Garcia and Rep. Glenn Grothman, who introduced a bill to encourage commercial pilots to report UAP sightings, with the aim of promoting safe airspace for Americans by requiring the Federal Aviation Administration to relay all reports to the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. This bill, if passed, will enable civilian aircrew, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, maintenance workers, dispatchers, and airlines to report UAP encounters to the FAA and DOD, allowing for the investigation of potential threats to the nation’s airspace. While lawmakers have been previously briefed on the topic, dissatisfaction has been expressed over a perceived lack of transparency, with Rep. Tim Burchett expressing frustration at the Pentagon and alleging that they are holding back even in the briefings.

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