February 26, 2024

The Alberta province is asking for public feedback on 27 flood studies that encompass 600 kilometers of updated mapping and 1,000 kilometers of new mapping. This will provide more flood mapping shared with residents than has been created in the last 35 years. The province accelerated flood mapping after the 2013 southern Alberta floods. These new studies focus on water that escapes a river’s banks and inundates a flood plain. The updated studies include the 100-year flood hazard often used by municipalities to make land-use decisions and plan for future development around flood plains. Flood studies have more information from different flood sizes than any previous size maps, with maps created using modern engineering tools and processes. The updated study of Fort Macleod also includes additional flow information over the Willow Creek and Oldman River, which residents support with development applications. The province’s Flood Hazard Identification Program, under which the studies are being completed, aims to improve public safety and reduce future flood damage by identifying river and flood hazards. The public is encouraged to provide feedback on the studies by February 12. The area of Alberta is planning to include study on 600 kilometers of older mapping that needs to be replaced.

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