February 26, 2024

The Hudson Valley experienced severe floods in 2023, contributing to a record 28 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters across the United States, costing about $92.9 billion. Storms and flooding in the Hudson Valley in July were among the billion-dollar-plus disasters, which involved torrential rains, causing destruction to property and infrastructure. Overall, the 2023 weather and climate disasters cost about $92.2 billion and resulted in at least 492 deaths. These disasters included severe weather events, flooding events, tropical cyclones, tornado outbreaks, a winter storm event, a wildfire event, and a drought and heat wave event. The NOAA Chief Scientist highlighted the worrying pattern of weather extremes, indicating that these weather events will continue to worsen due to climate change. The most costly disasters were the Southern/Midwestern drought and heat wave, and severe weather in the South and East. The United States has sustained 376 weather and climate disasters costing or exceeding $1 billion since 1980. Records were shattered in 2023, with high temperatures in various locations. The year also experienced an above-average number of tornadoes and a near-normal number of wildfires, with 55,500 reported for the year.

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