February 25, 2024

A docuseries called UFO Revolutions has introduced key figures who have forced Congress and the Pentagon to look into extraterrestrial crafts. The series debunked conspiracy theories and showed how the American people have been lied to about UFOs. The Pentagon has explained that previously released video footage of green triangles looking like alien spacecraft were simply drones. UFO Revolutions showed footage of a “jellyfish” or “chandelier” shaped UFO that was designated as an unidentified aerial phenomenon. The series also featured bizarre footage of UFOs hovering over Philadelphia and a video showing Miami Police responding to reports of an alien creature. The docuseries included whistleblowers, such as US government officials, who support claims of UFO activity. Pentagon whistleblowers have accused the US government of concealing information about UFO technology. A Congressional hearing featured a United States Air Force Officer and former intelligence official claiming his life was in danger after revealing information about a secretive government-run crashed UFO retrieval program. US Navy footage of “pyramid-shaped” UFOs hovering over the USS Russell was also shown. Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett has been outspoken about the potential threat posed by UFO technology. The Congressman has warned the American public that they can’t handle the technology that they witnessed in shocking videos. Despite shaky footage, haunting video captured Miami Police responding to what appeared to be an alien-type creature floating around.

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