February 29, 2024

Artificial intelligence is expected to destroy around 300 million jobs globally in the next decade, according to estimates from Goldman Sachs. This shift will require more than half of the current workforce to acquire new professional skills. Among the first affected will be astrologers, whose jobs are being replaced by AI programs such as ChatGPT. Astrologer Susan Miller expressed resignation and concern over the impact of AI taking over astrology, arguing that machines should not be tasked with understanding human emotions. However, astrology as a whole has no scientific basis and is rooted in ancient traditions that have survived into the modern era, inspiring new ventures such as Co-Star, an intelligent horoscope app, and AI Astrologer, a daily horoscope generator. These novel developments have contributed to a resurgence of Western astrology, combining advanced technology and mysticism to create a new phase of digital spirituality. Despite skepticism, these AI-driven astrological services have attracted significant user bases and are part of a growing ecosystem of astrological startups. Whether or not the use of AI in astrology is ethical or appropriate remains a topic of debate, but it is clear that artificial intelligence is reshaping the field and bringing astrology into the digital age.

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