February 29, 2024

Scientists studying influenza were on high alert after three people in China were infected with a new avian virus, H7N9. The genetic sequences of these flu viruses showed signs of adaptation to spread in mammals, making experts concerned about the potential for a new pandemic. The three initial cases were not linked, meaning each person likely caught the virus from an animal or another person. Health officials are unsure of the source of the virus and are monitoring contacts of known cases to see if the flu has been passed to others. While the virus could be spreading among people and may eventually spread beyond China, it is also possible that it could be contained or melt back into nature. The World Health Organization is preparing for potential pandemic readiness activities and working to produce a vaccine seed strain for an H7N9 vaccine. The situation remains uncertain, with experts noting that the influenza virus is unpredictable and can’t be second-guessed. As they continue to investigate and monitor the situation, they are looking for answers to key questions about the virus’s spread and impact.

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