February 29, 2024

The pope’s annual World Day of Peace messages often get lost in the busy holiday season, but this year’s message on artificial intelligence is too important to overlook. The Pope emphasizes the unbridgeable gap between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, pointing out that AI is the outcome of human intelligence, not vice versa. He calls for appropriate formation in responsibility for the future development of technology, emphasizing the threat to freedom and peaceful coexistence when humans yield to selfishness and thirst for power. The message emphasizes the need to harness technology to human flourishing, with dignity and fraternity as essential benchmarks for evaluating new technologies. The Pope also highlights the problems raised by AI, including campaigns of disinformation, discrimination, interference in elections, surveillance societies, digital exclusion, and a disconnected individualism. Overall, the message shows a well-informed awareness of the issues raised by AI and advanced technologies. To read the full article, click on the link.

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