February 26, 2024

The Save the Wetlands Hui is working to monitor and improve the water quality in the runoff flowing under the Kulanihakoi bridge culvert at South Kihei Road in Maui. The water quality monitor tested turbidity, salinity, and pH levels, finding that the turbidity of the runoff at Kulanihakoi is much higher than other nearby areas. The organization is funded by the County of Maui and is looking for solutions to restore the wetlands and develop detention basins to minimize debris flow into the ocean during flood events. The heavy rains on Tuesday caused flooding and road closures in Kihei, Hana, and Kaupo, with five people needing to be rescued from cars. The ocean off Mala and Wahikuli was muddied by runoff from the Lahaina burn zone. Flooding and heavy rains also forced the closure of South Kihei Road in several places, with debris needing to be cleared from the high-water mark by the Maui Sunset crew. The National Weather Service reported varying amounts of rain in different parts of the island, with Puu Kukui topping the list with 7.58 inches of rain over a 24-hour period.

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