February 26, 2024

Senator Josh Hawley highlighted bipartisan legislation in a Senate hearing to hold Big Tech companies accountable for the harms caused by nascent AI technology. He criticized the industry for prioritizing profits over the dangers of AI, such as chatbots that have influenced users to commit suicide. Senator Hawley argued that the biggest tech companies should not be insulated from accountability and that individuals harmed by AI should have the right to take them to court. Last June, he introduced a bill with Senator Richard Blumenthal to deny AI companies immunity from legal action, but it was blocked by Senator Ted Cruz in December. Senator Hawley has been a leading advocate for legislative action on AI to protect consumers and recently co-chaired a hearing to protect Americans’ creative work from exploitation by powerful AI companies without fair compensation. He continues to push for the passage of his bipartisan bill to ensure that those harmed by AI have access to the legal system and are able to seek justice against Big Tech.

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