February 29, 2024

At the recent Davos conference, the future of artificial intelligence (AI) was a major topic of discussion. With governments struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology, the world has no time to waste, especially with dozens of elections scheduled for 2024. GZERO and Microsoft hosted a Global Stage event in Switzerland, featuring experts such as Microsoft’s Brad Smith, EU Member of Parliament Eva Maydell, and the UAE’s AI Minister Omar Sultan al Olama, among others. The potential of AI to revolutionize various aspects of human activity is immense, from healthcare to education to scientific research. However, there are concerns about the negative impact of AI, such as flooding political discourse with disinformation and job displacement. A poll of over 2,500 GZERO readers showed that 45% want to see international cooperation to develop a regulatory framework for AI. While there has been progress in AI regulation, such as the European Union’s AI Act, the implementation and enforcement of these regulations are challenging. As AI becomes more powerful, it also becomes more difficult to control. The path forward for AI regulation is a topic of discussion among these experts at the Davos conference. The full discussion can be accessed from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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