February 26, 2024

Kate Bingham, former chair of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, warns that a new pandemic known as Disease X could be on the horizon and have more devastating effects than Covid-19. Global health experts believe Disease X, which has been dubbed as the next major pandemic by the World Health Organisation, is likely to result in millions of fatalities. Bingham emphasizes that the world needs to be prepared for a potential pandemic, as the globalized world and urban population growth have created ideal conditions for viruses to spread between species. She also stresses the importance of investing in the development of prototype vaccines for every threatening virus family in order to be better prepared for the next pandemic. Failure to take proactive measures could result in significant economic and public health costs, as seen with the impact of Covid-19. It is crucial to invest in preparedness for potential future pandemics to avoid the devastating impact of Disease X.

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