February 25, 2024

The US is currently dealing with extreme cold, but next week is expected to be much warmer. The Climate Prediction Center says most of the lower 48 states will see above-average temperatures, reaching the 60s and 70s in some areas of the South. However, this warmth will bring the risk of flooding in three areas: the West Coast, the South, and the Ohio Valley/Appalachian regions, due to heavy rainfall and rapid snowmelt. The West Coast will experience heavy rain over the weekend, increasing the risk of flash flooding. The South could see 4-6 inches of rain and urban and flash flooding. The Pacific Northwest and other areas with snow and ice could also experience flooding due to warm rain. The combination of warmer air and rain is expected to melt the remaining southern snowpack and could cause fog and low clouds. The higher temperatures are a dramatic change from the current deep freeze, but they come with the risk of severe flooding and other weather-related issues. So, long subzero temperatures while a ñdramaticî January thaw begins giving way to much warmer temperatures and the risk of flooding.

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