February 26, 2024

There is a new video of an unidentified jellyfish-like UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon) that has caused speculation and discussion. The Pentagon responded with a “no comment” and refused to verify the video’s authenticity, leading to more speculation. Investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell released the footage, which shows a UAP over a United States base in Iraq filmed by military pilots. The Pentagon has not denied the video’s authenticity and the journalist involved says there is more unseen footage. The video has both sparked conflicting narratives and raised further questions about what the UAP really is. The Pentagon issued a statement in response to the “jellyfish” UAP video, stating neither confirmation nor denial of its authenticity. This has been interpreted as a significant response by some observers, indicating potential credibility behind the video. Additionally, news correspondent Ross Coulthart sees the Pentagon’s response as quite telling. Despite the Pentagon’s silence, the journalist involved and expert sources suggest that there are more videos and further evidence that will eventually be disclosed. There could potentially be confirmation of the video’s authenticity by the Department of Defense in the near future.

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