February 26, 2024

The Panama Canal is facing a 36% decline in traffic due to an intense drought, causing officials to deny ship crossings and implement water-saving measures. This has led to a potential loss estimate of up to $700 million in 2024. The canal authority has reduced the number of vessels allowed through the waterway to 22 per day, but with higher-than-usual rains and water management measures, they hope to increase it to 24 per day. The drought has impacted global shipping and the water supply for about 50% of Panama, and has caused traffic jams in the canal. Climate change and the current El NiƱo have been linked to the drought, and the rainy season is expected to bring some relief in April. The situation is causing shipping costs and delays, and officials are calling for a national effort to address the water problem. EcoWatch, an environmental platform founded in 2005, provides science-based content on environmental issues and sustainability. They aim to promote environmental causes and solutions.

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