February 29, 2024

A group of scientists has issued a warning about the potential for a new epidemic caused by a virus that has been frozen in the Arctic for 30,000 years. This virus, known as ‘Virus Zombie’ or pithovirus sibericum, could be released due to global warming and increased shipping activity in Siberia. Geneticist Jean-Michel Claverie has expressed concern about the possibility of these frozen viruses becoming free and causing a new global medical emergency. Researchers have isolated strains of the virus and are planning a monitoring network in the Arctic to identify possible diseases and provide quarantine and medical treatment.

The virus, which was discovered by a group of scientists from the IGS-CNRS laboratory in Marseille, France, has survived in the Siberian permafrost. There are fears that it could cause a new outbreak of disease, as it has not been exposed to the human immune system. The melting of the permafrost as a result of climate change and increased shipping and industrial activity in the region could release these viruses into the environment. This poses a significant risk to human health, and there is a need for plans based on quarantine design to prevent the spread of any potential new diseases.

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