February 29, 2024

The European Parliament has approved an improved Artificial Intelligence Act that aims to protect people’s rights from surveillance by Big Tech and the security industry. The Act includes key protections such as bans on biometric surveillance, discriminatory AI, and requirements for a fundamental rights impact assessment for high-risk AI systems. However, there are still serious shortcomings in the Act, particularly in its treatment of migrant people at the borders. Access Now, an advocacy group, urges EU legislators to address these issues in the upcoming trilogue negotiations, including eliminating loopholes, preventing rights abuses in the migration context, and preventing state overreach. Despite these shortcomings, the Parliament’s negotiating team has a strong mandate to demand that these protections are not undermined during negotiations. Access Now is calling for the Parliament to hold the line against industry lobbying and state overreach to ensure that these protections are expanded to people at the EU’s borders and to close the gaps and loopholes that still exist.

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