February 26, 2024

Geospatial science is being used to address water-related issues in the St. Louis region. The American Water Resources Association’s Geospatial Water Technology Conference examines issues such as water quality, access to clean drinking water, flood mitigation, and climate and agricultural water use. Siddharth Saksena, from Virginia Tech, explains that new geospatial technologies are being used to monitor and model data to improve early warning systems for flooding and to track water quality and PFAS chemicals. These technologies also have the potential to address issues of water equity. The AWRA will be hosting the Geospatial Water Technology Conference in March and will be in St. Louis in the fall for a major conference. The organization is looking at overall systems to intersect these water issues and work towards more ecosystem and public health benefits. Saksena also mentioned the depletion of groundwater resources and the potential of managed aquifer recharge. These geospatial technologies take monitoring and modeling of data to a new level, providing better evacuation planning and potential impact assessment of different water issues.

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