February 29, 2024

The Washington Commanders got off to an exciting start to the 2023-24 season with new ownership, but quickly experienced disappointment as they finished the regular season with a 4-13 record and missed the playoffs for the third consecutive year. This marks 33 seasons of ineptitude for the team, the longest drought in the NFL. In contrast, the Detroit Lions, who were previously tied with the Commanders for the longest conference championship game appearance drought, have secured a spot in the NFC championship game after defeating Tampa Bay. The Commanders’ last appearance in the conference championship game was in 1991, and the only player on their current roster who was alive at that time is Tress Way. The team’s poor performance has put them behind the Miami Dolphins, Dallas, and the Houston Texans in terms of conference championship game appearances, while technically the Cleveland Browns have not made it since 1989. Despite some promising moments in the past, the Commanders have struggled to achieve success in recent years, leaving fans disappointed with the team’s performance.

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