February 26, 2024

Pope Francis warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) following a deepfake photo of him that went viral. He spoke of the risks associated with AI, including “cognitive pollution” and the dissemination of fake news and images. The Pope also expressed concerns about the use of AI in the media, particularly in war reporting. He called for the regulation of AI to prevent its distortion of reality and to ensure it is used for the common good. He renewed his call for an international treaty to regulate AI and cautioned against the decrease in pluralism and the proliferation of “groupthink” associated with AI. He also emphasized the need for AI to support, rather than eliminate, the role of journalism on the ground. These remarks were part of his message for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Social Communications, to be celebrated on May 12. In light of the potential dangers of AI, Pope Francis urged a cautious approach and stressed the importance of harnessing AI for the benefit of society.

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