February 29, 2024

Despite challenging weather conditions, Minnesota corn growers were able to achieve a 4% increase in production from 2022, putting 1.51 billion bushels of corn in bins. Nationwide, 2023 saw a record-breaking corn harvest, with farmers producing 177.3 bushels per acre. However, the state’s soybean harvest was 5% lower than the previous year, while commodity prices also saw a decrease compared to the years during and following the pandemic. Despite this, sugar beets and wheat production saw significant increases in 2023. Looking ahead, farmers may need to be more frugal with their spending in light of moderate prices, as well as tighter belts within the industry. These insights were shared by Dana Allen-Tully, President of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, and an Eyota dairy farmer. Overall, the agriculture industry seems to be coping with the changes, adapting to the fluctuations in both weather and market conditions. This content was distributed by the StarTribune through a news agency partnership, which utilizes various news services to provide a wider range of news to their readers.

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