February 26, 2024

The Pope has warned against the use of artificial intelligence as deepfake technology continues to be used for scams and malicious purposes. Deepfakes, which use AI to generate fake audio and visual content, have been used for phishing scams, identity theft, and spreading misinformation. The Pope issued a warning about the potential of deepfakes to distort reality and harm relationships with others. He called for more regulation of AI to prevent harmful effects and inequality. Concerns about deepfakes are growing, as the technology has been used to generate fake porn websites and extort money from victims. In Mexico, criminals have used deepfakes to insert people’s faces into porn content and demand ransom. While some U.S. states have regulations against revenge porn, the rapidly advancing technology of deepfakes is not currently addressed by the law. As deepfake technology continues to evolve, there are mounting concerns for its potential victims and the need for increased regulation to prevent exploitation and inequality.

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