February 26, 2024

After a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit the Noto Peninsula in Japan, fraudulent charitable scams quickly surfaced to cheat well-meaning donors out of their money. Scammers are using social networks and other technologies to create phony charitable sites and solicit donations through text messages. It is important to be cautious and verify the legitimacy of organizations before making donations. The government agencies have issued warnings about fraudulent activities, including fake calls and requests for transfers to fake bank accounts. To avoid becoming a victim, it is recommended to verify account numbers and organizations before making electronic transfers. As of January 11, Ishikawa Prefecture had received ¥3.753 billion in donations, and legitimate organizations, such as the Japan Red Cross, have set up accounts specifically for disaster relief. Some banks have also waived transfer fees for donations. In addition, the article provides bank names, account numbers, and other details for legitimate organizations accepting charitable donations. It is emphasized that no amount of money should be given to these fraudulent fraudsters. Overall, the article highlights the prevalence of fraudulent charitable scams and the importance of being vigilant and verifying the legitimacy of organizations before making donations.

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