February 29, 2024

Emergency officials in Will County are warning residents along the Kankakee River about flooding caused by a broken ice jam. The area is under a flood warning due to melting snow and rain adding to the increased water levels. Residents, like Joe Broadwell, are keeping a close eye on the river and are prepared to evacuate if necessary. Warm water is being pumped into the river to break up the ice, and officials are monitoring the situation closely. Ice spotters are checking conditions on the river, but it’s difficult to predict how fast the ice may move downstream. There is concern for a seven to eight-mile stretch of ice, which grew ten miles in just a few days. Firefighters are on standby for potential rescues, and hundreds of homes could be impacted by flash flooding. Emergency officials urge residents to prepare and make sure everyone is safe during and after the flooding. A flash flood warning is in effect until Monday morning, and residents can get sandbags from Wilmington City Hall if needed to protect their homes.

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