February 26, 2024

The Galaxy S24 series is the latest flagship smartphone lineup from Samsung, featuring Galaxy AI as a key differentiator. Samsung is prioritizing AI safety and privacy, with a focus on on-device AI to ensure greater privacy for users. The AI features of the Galaxy S24 series include on-device live translation, image editing, and personalization. While Samsung is committed to offering Galaxy AI for free until 2025, there are possibilities of it becoming a paid service in the future due to the huge costs involved in developing and upgrading AI models. The company also plans to expand AI to other devices in its ecosystem, although there are limitations based on computing power and memory requirements. Despite the challenges, Samsung is dedicated to providing practical AI experiences for all users and is working on optimizing AI for verbal language and call assistance. By partnering with Google, Samsung is tapping into Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to ensure security, safety, privacy, and data compliance. Ultimately, Samsung aims to provide AI experiences that users can enjoy to the fullest while addressing concerns about safety, privacy, and ethics.

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