February 26, 2024

The weather in Columbus, Mississipi this January has been unusually wet and rainy, which is a departure from the usual cold and dry conditions. Chief Meteorologist Isaac Williams mentioned that the month usually sees about three or four inches of rain, but the recent week alone brought around 7 and a half inches. This has caused some local flooding, with rivers and smaller bodies of water swelling. However, the rain has also helped alleviate the drought situation that the area had been facing since last year, reducing the risk of fires and eliminating the need for burn bans that were previously in effect. Lowndes County Emergency Services Director Cindy Lawrence also stated that the rain has had a positive impact on the drought and is expected to reduce the number of grass fires that have been occurring. Overall, while the weather has presented some challenges such as flooding, it has also brought important relief from dry conditions and reduced the risk of fires. For more updates, people can follow the news on social media such as Facebook.

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