February 26, 2024

A meeting was held in Princeville, N.C to address the recurring flooding issues in the town throughout its history. The meeting was held inside a new flood-resistant town hall, built in 2020. The town has faced numerous hurricanes and floods since being established at the end of the Civil War. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd left standing water for two weeks, destroying nearly 1000 buildings, followed in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew. A plan to build a new levee was found to threaten other buildings and was therefore no longer viable. The history of the town includes a rise in the early 20th century and a decline after integration. After Hurricane Matthew, the town mayor looked for ways to rebuild and enhance the town. The town now faces deciding what to do with the land that they acquired for future projects. Economic initiatives and community building projects are underway, showcasing the community’s determination to rebuild and thrive.

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