February 29, 2024

Jim Verhulst’s column details the costly charges paid by Florida homeowners to protect against insurer insolvencies in the wake of major hurricanes. He suggests that California’s model for earthquake insurance, the California Earthquake Authority, could provide a model for eliminating Florida’s “hurricane tax.” The CEA is a nongovernmental organization that sells earthquake insurance policies through participating insurers, spreading the risk and ensuring affordable earthquake insurance. Implementing this model in Florida could encourage major insurers to re-enter the marketplace, while expanding access to affordable homeowners insurance. A letter to the editor supports the idea, suggesting that the marketplace has failed to provide affordable, accessible insurance. Meanwhile, another letter to the editor criticizes the prospect of using taxpayer money to fund school choice initiatives. Another reader criticizes the former president and his supporters, arguing that anyone accused of crimes should be subject to prosecution. Another letter calls on the Catholic Church in South America to invest in the secular lives of the people to address the influx of Latino immigrants across the southern border. Another reader criticizes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for missing the deadline to feed 2.1 million hungry children in Florida by refusing monies from a federal program. Finally, another letter criticizes Alabama’s plan to carry out the first nitrogen gas execution.

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