February 29, 2024

Bill Rigby is organizing the Penn-Ohio Paranormal Conference in Sharon, which will feature guest speakers, vendors, and experts discussing a range of paranormal topics including ghosts, Bigfoot, Dog Boy, and aliens. Rigby is the co-director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project and has had his own encounters with the elusive creature. The conference will also cover responsible and open-minded research of the unknown and local stories of paranormal activity, such as Bigfoot sightings and UFO reports in the area. The Kings, who have conducted their own Bigfoot research, will be sharing their findings at the conference, along with other experts. Attendees can also browse merchandise and learn more about paranormal research tools. The event is family-friendly and offers an opportunity for people to share their own experiences and findings. The Penn-Ohio Paranormal Conference is taking place at the Hickory VFW in Hermitage on Saturday, with an admission fee of $10. For more information, interested individuals can visit the “Penn-Ohio Paranormal Conference” page on Facebook.

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