February 26, 2024

The Hollywood Disclosure Alliance is a new non-profit initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the UAP field, with a focus on producing fact-based storytelling in anticipation of the impending disclosure of alien life by US government and military leaders. Co-founders Dan Harary and Stephen Bassett aim to unite the entertainment industry with extraterrestrial research through feature films, documentaries, and TV programming. Harary, whose own experiences with UAP led to his interest in the field, recounts sightings that inspired him to write a book, “After They Came.” The initiative aims to bring together members from the entertainment industry, such as TV producer Sean Jablonski and actress Dee Wallace, and experts in UAP/ET research and activism. The goal is to provide access to the media for researchers and activists in order to ensure that the post-disclosure world reflects the work of everyone involved. Inspired by previous efforts to connect the entertainment industry to other social causes, such as the Environmental Media Association, Bassett sees the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance as a necessary vehicle for facilitating collaboration between entertainment and extraterrestrial activism. For more information on the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance, visit www.hollywooddisclosurealliance.org.

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