February 25, 2024

X has blocked searches for Taylor Swift after explicit AI-generated images of the singer went viral on the site, alarming US officials and fans. The company released a statement condemning the posting of non-consensual images and is actively removing them. Advances in artificial intelligence have led to the creation of deep fakes, which can manipulate videos and images, leading to the spread of false information and manipulation of public opinion. While deep fakes can be used for advertising and creative opportunities, unauthorized ones can be dangerous for celebrities, damaging their brand and reputation. Marketers are using authorized deep fakes to feature stars in ads without their physical presence, reducing costs and unlocking new creative opportunities. For example, Mondelez won multiple awards for its AI-made Cadbury ad featuring a deepfake of actor Shahrukh Khan, allowing local shop owners to create personalized ads. The rise of deep fakes poses a threat to individuals and corporations, and platforms are taking steps to address the issue.

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