February 26, 2024

More than a dozen families at Highland View Apartments in National City received eviction notices after the Jan. 22 storm caused damage to the complex. The notices gave residents only days to find their next living situation. However, city leaders claim that the attached notice from the city that was sent to residents makes it seem as if the city is behind the evictions, which they deny. The eviction notice promised residents the equivalent of two months rent and their full security deposit. In addition to the flooding, a fire broke out in one of the apartments on Sunday. There is an ongoing effort by some city leaders to prevent the evictions and a special city council meeting has been scheduled to address a “local emergency” on Jan. 29. Meanwhile, a letter from National City staff to the owner of the building states that building inspection conducted on Jan. 24 by a Senior Code Enforcement Officer revealed that repairs or demolition needs to take place at the apartment complex due to the storm damage. The situation has caused fear in the community, as many families now face the possibility of being homeless.

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