February 29, 2024

A magnitude-5.7 earthquake struck Uqturpan County, Xinjiang Region, China, on Jan. 30 at around 06:27. The epicenter was about 122 km west-northwest of Aykol, Xinjiang Region, at a depth of 10 km. Light shaking was likely felt in the western portion of Xinjiang Region, as well as in parts of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. There have been no reports of damage or casualties, and significant damage is unlikely. Comprehensive damage assessments may take several hours, especially in remote areas. Light aftershocks are expected in the coming days. Authorities may temporarily shut down transportation infrastructure in the affected area to check for damage, which could cause minor disruptions. Utility outages are possible near the epicenter. This earthquake serves as a reminder for locals to be prepared for potential aftershocks and to follow any safety instructions provided by officials.

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