February 25, 2024

Recent rainfall in the South Plains has helped lift many counties out of drought conditions, with an above-average rainfall total of 2.22 inches since December 1. This improvement is expected to continue through the Spring, as the region has shifted into the El Niño phase. Drought conditions have significantly improved, although some areas in Texas and Eastern New Mexico still remain abnormally dry or in severe drought. However, these conditions are still a dramatic improvement from last year, when the South Plains were experiencing moderate to severe drought, and some areas even had extreme drought conditions. The shift to El Niño has resulted in a pattern of weather that has brought steady rainfall to the area, which is beneficial for producers. The region is expected to receive normal or higher-than-normal precipitation this year, with another chance for rain this weekend and favorable conditions for more rain in the Spring. The improvement in drought conditions and the outlook for continued rainfall is a positive development for the South Plains region.

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