February 26, 2024

Despite experiencing two fires in the past four years, Ken Layden, manager of Curious Comics in Langford, remains committed to keeping the location open. The most recent fire was caused by oil igniting and setting off the sprinkler system in the Goldstream condominium building above the shop. This led to water damage in the shop and some merchandise, although the overall damage was not significant compared to a fire in 2020. Layden reported that drying fans and a humidity control restoration company were brought in to address the damage. Fortunately, the in-store sprinklers did not activate during the incident, potentially averting a more serious outcome. Despite some damaged statue boxes, Layden remains optimistic about the store’s future. This recent event adds to a string of challenges faced by the store, which had previously rebuilt after a fire in 2020. Despite these setbacks, Layden remains determined to keep the Langford location open and serving the community.

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