February 25, 2024

Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission in Alberta has banned oil and gas operations from using its treated water due to a severe drought in Western Canada. The Water Treatment Plant that the commission operates near the Red Deer River is vital to the region’s water supply and the commission has made it clear that water must be used for residents and not fracking. The Alberta Energy Regulator has also told the oil and gas industry to plan to use less water in 2024 due to the risk of water access restriction because of the drought. There are also concerns about the impact of the drought on both agriculture and oil and gas activities, with calls for alternative water sources to be used and an emphasis on recycling water. An emergency drought plan has also been put in place as Alberta experiences low-precipitation levels. The drought has impacted rivers, reservoirs, and snowpack in Alberta. Municipalities are preparing for possible water restrictions, and the government is developing voluntary water-sharing agreements.

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