February 26, 2024

Two users, ‘Thinktank’ and ‘Kab’, posted co-ordinates for a location in Antarctica. The user ‘Kab’ claimed that this was a place where Pleiadians often leave their craft to explore the area. Expert UAP journalist, Jeremy Corbell, discussed a leaked army clip of a ‘jellyfish’ UFO and claimed that this is not a threat from the U.S., Russia, or China. He also mentioned the alleged admission of a DIA rocket scientist to entering a crashed UFO. Dr. Colm Kelleher, an Irish scientist who worked on a secret Pentagon program, concluded that the UAP is advanced technology operated by non-human intelligence. Former official Se├ín Kirkpatrick denied these claims, but last year he authored a paper indicating that recent UAP discoveries were the result of extraterrestrial “parent craft” depositing “probes” in earth’s atmosphere. Corbell dismissed the idea of a cover-up and claimed that this is a real phenomenon encountered by the military. He also quoted Space Force General Olson, who stated that UFOs are a global phenomenon and should be approached collaboratively by different countries. This statement was meant to stress the importance of recognizing and sharing information about UFOs. The issue is serious, and it is global; it affects not just the U.S. but many other countries as well.

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