February 26, 2024

Atmospheric river that includes a “Pineapple Express” is expected to hit California, leading to flood warnings. The system could bring record-breaking rainfall to the state and hit Bay Area and Southern California particularly hard, with strong wind and potential flooding. Rainfall can be particularly perilous, with the National Weather Service warning of flash flooding. Governor Newsom has issued warnings to residents to stay prepared and evacuate if necessary. Nearly 8,300 state workers are ready to respond to emergencies, while the Mayor of Los Angeles has activated an all-hands-on-deck response. The weather is expected to lead to flooding, while Southern Sierra Nevada is facing an avalanche watch. Another system is expected to hit Southern California on Thursday. California has already faced heavy rain this year, with parts of San Diego already experiencing flooding due to previous storms. The rain is expected to surpass the normal rainfall amount for this time of year.

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