February 26, 2024

San Diego is currently experiencing a slow-moving storm system bringing days of rain, which has led to several road closures. Law enforcement officials are urging residents to stay off the roads, but if travel is necessary, they should be aware of road closures. The closures include Mission Valley, Torrey Preserve, Sorrento Valley, Tijuana River Valley, and various areas in East County. AAA expert Anlleyn Venegas advises that drivers never go through standing water due to the potential for damage to vehicles and danger to drivers. The advice is to turn around or back up if encountering a flooded road, and to call 911 if a vehicle becomes inoperable. Caltrans will begin storm patrol on Wednesday and residents are encouraged to call 911 if they encounter a flooded road. Law enforcement officials are encouraging drivers to stay off the road due to the current storm and numerous road closures, but if travel is necessary, drivers should be cautious and aware of standing water.

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