February 26, 2024

Residents of San Diego County were surprised with a very rare tornado warning today, but those who contacted the National Weather Service San Diego to report a touchdown were told that there are no credible reports of a tornado. Despite the heavy rain and wind, weather officials concluded that a tornado did not touch down.

The unusual weather system was also responsible for a developing a heavy rain cell which caused flooding in some areas. The flood watch remains in place until Tuesday for some areas, including Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Tornado warnings occured in San Diego this morning and several more inches of rain will be expected in the Los Angeles area, and other areas should be ready for potential mudslides and debris flow. In Las Vegas, a search effort continues after an avalanche at Lee Canyon. Los Angeles has received over half of their average yearly rainfall in only three days.

Finally, the body of an individual was recovered in San Diego. The person has not been identified yet, and the cause of death is unknown. This storm system has brought severe weather across California, causing unusual events and tragic consequences.

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