February 26, 2024

A year ago, Turkey was hit by two powerful earthquakes, magnitudes 7.7 and 7.6, affecting 14 million citizens and causing devastating consequences in 11 provinces. The earthquakes resulted in 53,537 deaths and 107,213 injuries. The country declared a level four alert and seven days of national mourning, mobilizing international search and rescue teams from 93 countries. The earthquakes caused heavy destruction in 11 provinces, with 38,901 buildings destroyed and 26,000 buildings requiring search and rescue operations. A total of 650,000 rescuers, including 11,488 international staff, participated in interventions, and 645,000 tents and 215,224 containers were provided for temporary shelter. The region received 106.7 billion Turkish lira in aid, with 14 billion 453 million lira in rent support payments to 349,000 households. The reconstruction efforts included beginning construction on 307,000 houses in urban centers and villages and providing grants and loans for housing and business premises. Additionally, a humanitarian campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina raised over 900,000 BAM for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. The funds were collected through a live program involving a large team from the Radiotelevision of Bosnia and Herzegovina and participants from various public spheres.

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