February 29, 2024

Steve Higgins has used his fascination with ghosts and the unexplained to create a website and now a book called ‘Investigating The Unexplained: A Practical Guide To Ghost Hunting’. The book explores the debate within the ghost-hunting community about whether to research a location before visiting it or to go in blind. It also provides advice on recognising symptoms of a haunting, classifications of hauntings, and essential practices to eliminate rational explanations for any paranormal activity.

The book also provides a practical guide on determining if a location is haunted, including assessing the area’s history, property types, and financial motives. It stresses the importance of ruling out rational explanations for phenomena before considering them evidence of the paranormal, and provides a guide to capturing evidence through essential equipment and methods.

The book also delves into different methods of communicating with ghosts or spirits, as well as emphasizing safety considerations and legal responsibilities. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the book offers a balanced and credible approach to ghost hunting, providing valuable insights and practical guidance for anyone interested in exploring the unexplained. With its comprehensive coverage, it’s a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to delve into the world of ghost hunting.

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