February 26, 2024

Contact in the Desert (CITD), the largest UFO/UAP conference, will celebrate its 10-year anniversary from May 30 – June 3, 3024, in Indian Wells, CA. The lineup of speakers includes George Noory, Richard Dolan, George Knapp, and other experts in UFO/UAP, ancient civilizations, and consciousness. With a tagline of “Conscious Contact” and an expected 2,500-3,500 attendees, CITD ’24 will feature over 100 sessions of lectures, panels, workshops, and intensives. The conference takes an academic, scientific look at alternative topics and explores the frontiers of knowledge within the realms of UFO/UAP, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Discoveries, the Future of Technology, Space Travel, and more. CITD ’24 aims to present in-depth exploration of various stimulating discussions from leading experts in the field. The event has been described as a beacon of intellectual discourse, offering a platform for renowned experts, authors, researchers, and experiencers to discuss a wide range of topics. Co-founders ‘Captain’ Ron Janix and Gordon Pekrul acquired CITD in 2023 and have curated a lineup of celebrated speakers from around the world for the 10th anniversary conference. For information about ticket sales, interested individuals can visit the CITD website.

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