February 29, 2024

The aftermath of a recent flood in San Diego caused more than 1,200 residents to become displaced. The flooding resulted in damaged homes, and this caused numerous residents and their pets to be in need of housing. Various local and national agencies have come forward to provide temporary living arrangements for the displaced residents. The Red Cross, YMCA, and the San Diego Housing Commission have contributed the most assistance, with the latter having provided housing vouchers and accommodations for more than 400 residents. The San Diego County Office of Education is also providing federal funds to help families in crisis. The absence of support from FEMA has resulted in the need for local and governmental agencies to step in. California Governor Gavin Newsom has requested federal assistance from President Joe Biden, hoping to receive a Major Disaster Declaration to aid with the recovery process. Additionally, some schools in the area are providing assistance to families in crisis with federal funds. Efforts are being made to assist those who were displaced, and there are hopes that federal support will soon arrive to further help those in need.

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